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I've known you for 10 years and have never, ever heard you mention that you were once known as Nancy.

You are so exotic.

John G

Nancy, Johnny Jumps, Blondie Button and Mickey Jo ! Are you sure you didn't dream that ?


Hey Annie from Wexford - it's Annie from Wexford here! I love your photos. Your mum is the prettiest! I have some old photos of my folks too, must go through them and see if any of interest...

Neither Loretto nor Pres for me (what's this I hear you wonder) I migrated to the west - Kerry, then Cork before school started. But was back every summer and xmas as both mum and dad were Wexford folk. Still go to Rosslare every summer and stay in our tiny house near the beach (surrounded by all the flash and fancy dwellings!)

David Rosster

hi anne if i had known you all had such Brady Bunch names i would have married your sister 10 years earlier.dave.

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