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Oh, I can relate. I've never like all the sugary stuff - just good ole Wheaties, Cherrios....and Malt O' Meal in the winter, with brown sugar on it.

No better dinner in the world. *S*


I don't mean to feed an addiction, but are you aware of ?


I could eat cereal day-in, day-out for months, and in my family it was perfectly acceptable to do just that - if it saved my Mum making a meal, then all the better! Now I'm living with my boyfriend who just doesn't understand the allure of the cereal perfection and who states that it is "not a proper tea". Oh yes it is! I'm glad to have found another cereal-fiend!


Referenced at:


I found you from sfgirlbybay and I just gotta say that I agree with you 100%. Cereal! Mmmm!

kelly in SF

that's funny-- I'm another Kelly who found you from sfgirlbybay. and-- swear to god-- I was just just checking online before I went to fix myself a bowl of cereal.

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