I am a writer and artist living in San Francisco. I always have a crafty project or six going on: felt flowers, magnets, painted pottery, knitting, greeting cards, and now little paintings. I have also illustrated childrens books and painted murals.

I used to write poetry a lot, and I want to start again.

I work full-time as a Web writer, or "content strategist" if you like. One day I'd like to own a little gallery or store, or else have a livelihood that's made up of a patchwork of various freelance gigs: writing, illustrating, and painting, with plenty of time to walk on the beach, drink coffee, and daydream.

My husband (who is also an artist with a day job) and I live in a little house by the beach in San Francisco with a hot tub and a garden that's like a piece of paradise. There is nothing I like more than being out there drinking a glass of wine and watching the hummingbirds.